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13-Jun-2020 06:50

Back in 2007, around the time the first-ever hashtag emerged from the primordial sludge and Justin Bieber posted his first video on You Tube, I was programming at my day job. Looking out across the vast, unspoiled, untamed wilds of the internet, I thought to myself, separate search results for “how to make money online.” Back then, there were probably only a handful. I began reading and noticed that some people were making truckloads of money by promoting other companies’ offers and services, earning a commission from lead generation or a percentage of sales.All I had to do was get people to click and sign up with their emails.They wouldn’t have to dress up, spend a pop on expensive pink cocktails, or even leave the house.Without ever changing out of their scuzzy, old bathrobes, without ever venturing out of their parents’ basements, they could find love…or at least beautiful women.Basically, I found casual, low quality photos of lusty, busty, girl-next-door types—images that didn’t look like stock photos—and paired them with text like, “(1) New Message.” I tried to suggest, with this bit of cleverness, that there existed a vast infantry of ladies, milling around their computers, bored to tears, wearing pajamas, breathlessly awaiting in the real world.But, truthfully, they weren’t waiting around with bated breath to match with random-ass dudes from the internet. All the dating sites did a great job of making it of dudes) that they could meet their next girlfriend online.

When you work directly with User Acquisition.com, we’ll have multiple people working on your project. I’ve put together a top-notch team and only hire trusted people who have generated good results with me on past projects.I respect other media buyers immensely who’ve made a living in a similar way, much more than those who’ve had the luxury of a guaranteed salary irrespective of performance.I’ve built my business on this simple philosophy: UA is all about results. As I’ve gotten more and more successful, as I expanded my business beyond affiliate marketing, that core philosophy hasn’t ever changed. To be successful in marketing, you need to be persuasive, assertive, and connect with your audience.Now, with this initial success under my belt, I readied myself to advertise other products, targeting more demographics (including women).

I spent many nights at home, slaving away, trying to crack the code on affiliate marketing.Sure, it was a risky move, but the risk was part of the fun.

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