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The ex-fiancee of Bachelor Andrew Firestone, Jen was sweet and all, but, if that's all I wanted, I'd Seamless a Snickers bar.

But, I'll throw her some points for the power move of not picking either of the final two when it came down to it, because she knew what she wanted! Memorable Moment: Jen telling one of the finalists that they were "better off as friends" after he proposed.

Memorable Moment: When he sent home a contestant after forgetting her name, and then handed her rose to a woman whose name he really had a handle on. Memorable Moment: Oh, wait, the fact that she ended up marrying should-have-been-the-runner-up Chris! I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed the producers' push for Bob as "The Funny Bachelor," who was rendered as some sort of comedian just because he didn't possess the looks of a Ken doll. "Memorable Moment: Bob Guiney has allegedly slept with more women than any other Chris' personality wasn't so much the problem as was his series of really uncomfortable mumblings and stares into space as he basically wished he was back on his Iowan farm.

*One million facepalms*This season was really fun to watch, until the totally odd and super-depressing season finale, where Desiree essentially was dumped by the guy she really liked and then immediately went for Chris Siegfried, who was a clear runner-up in my mind. The only reason his season ranks this high is due to the sheer drama factor of all of the contestants. and Kelsey Poe, for really driving home the entertainment factor. and Kelsey in the desert together, I thought the show was going to feature its first on-camera murder.

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Memorable Moment: Instead of getting down on one knee, Alex simply asked Amanda Marsh to be his girlfriend. Memorable Moment: When contestant Erica Rose waltzed in wearing a tiara and asked where the help was in the Italian villa, it was clear that After being rejected by Brad Womack (Round 2), Ashley starred in a season that really served as a showcase for her questionable taste in men.

Meredith threw a little salt in the mix when she told runner-up Matthew Hickl she loved him, and then went on to accept a proposal from Ian Mc Kee, but that's about as exciting as the season got, and that was during the finale.

Memorable Moment: That "I love you" switcheroo set the precedent for seasons like Jason Mesnick's.

So, in honor of the 20th season of based on just how momentous the season as a whole was — did fans finish each episode yawning, or clutching their pearls (and now their phones as many live-tweet the entire thing)?

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Take a look and see if you agree with my ranking from the snooziest to the most spectacular.was only notable for the fact that it was based in Paris, and brie is pretty dope.