Who is serena williams dating 2016

26-Aug-2020 00:16

Venus and Hank were talked about the most during 2008, even though they started dating at least in 2007, as since Wimbledon 2007 Hank was openly supporting Venus during tournaments.

In January 2008, the word was out that the couple got engaged. What do you think is the deal with WTA players and golfers?

Now, people are curious about this handsome new man in Williams’ life.

Keep reading to know more about him in our Nicholas Hammond wiki.

But it looks like she finally is ready to settle down. An intelligent woman who is cultured enough to keep an open mind when it comes to learning new things and new people.

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It could also be because she’s so busy conquering the tennis world that she’s got very little time to keep us posted on who she is dating.

Williams is very serious about Hammond, whom she calls Nicky.