Who is sarah symonds dating

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Symonds, who left school at 16, was 22 when she went to visit her older brother in Abu Dhabi in 1992.

Sitting in the bar at the Sheraton Hotel, she was offered a job there as a "European sales executive".

Most women, of course, do not need to be told that affairs are a bad thing.

But nevertheless, Symonds has turned her experiences into a controversial new book - Having An Affair?

Much of it was spent in isolation, alone in a luxury Westminster apartment - "my ivory palace" - paid for by another of her multi-millionaire lovers.

She may have been whisked around the world, wined and dined in romantic hotels and showered with gifts over the past few years, but at 37, Sarah is single and childless, and has virtually given up on finding a husband.

A Handbook For The Other Woman - which is currently causing a furore in the U. Sales of the book have soared since Sarah, from Newport in Gwent, appeared on Oprah Winfrey's show over there.

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The liaison was the latest in an affair spanning seven years which flies in the face of his carefully constructed family man image.I point out it was also a world where high-class prostitution was a way of life. She tries to airbrush him away with the words "big mistake", adding with a laugh: "He's not the only one who's an author now, anyway."Over the next couple of years, her career moved towards PR.She worked for a company leasing luxury Mayfair apartments. celebrity" - she won't say who - and she began travelling back and forth between London and Los Angeles."I wanted to give our relationship a chance," she says. He said: 'You will never want for anything now that you are with me.' I thought I'd hit the jackpot. He made me feel as if I was the most important person in the world. "I was always led to believe that there would be a different outcome," she says. I really thought this guy would be with me."And here her true colours begin to emerge. "It takes two people to cheat, but the other woman isn't the source of it.

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It's what happens at home."Her argument - and her attitude towards betrayed wives - is unlikely to attract much sympathy.

While partying with James Kennedy, Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval and co.