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On Wednesday (January 4th), Zane spoke to Hip Hop DX to explain his reasoning for responding to Tyler and Game via song and not in kind with his own series of stinging tweets or on-camera commentary.

And a few weeks removed from the Valentine’s Day release of his newest mixtape, the rapper so many seem to love to hate explained why the obsession with Lil’ Zane is still going strong a dozen years after his debut. I’m not a troublemaker; I don’t go around starting things. And if somebody tries to degrade my character or my craft, the way I was raised up, my pops taught me if someone hits you, you hit ‘em back. DX: What spurred the song finally being recorded though?

It was more just like, “Okay, you wanna be funny, I’ma be funny.” DX: Someone who’s about your age who you also responded to on that track is Game. Or was that just him responding to the [DJ] Vlad question and – Lil’ Zane: It’s like this, me and Game is cool. So when I heard the track I saw a basketball court.

If you watch the interview he said that, “Yo, Z’s cool, he helped me out a little bit in the beginning of my career.” So, there’s no bad blood between me and Game. It’s just like this, if you playing basketball with your friend and he tells you, “Oh, I can beat you at ball. But he like, “Nigga, my [skills are] better than yours. The “Niggas In Paris” track was my basketball court. It was cool, I felt like people are entitled to their opinion.

He goes around starting beef on Twitter or whatever.” So the next thing was I started seeing videos and stuff coming out, stuff on You Tube with him saying, “Hey, I’m Lil’ Zane” and “You can catch a fade with Lil’ Zane.” Whatever he would say he would like always bring [my name into it].

Whatever he was talking about, it had nothing to do with me.

” And I felt like, people was laughing at me ‘cause I responded back to some dude that was basically making a joke.

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Lil’ Zane: First of all I wanna say I never did a diss record in my life. And the reason why I recorded it was basically just standing up for myself. Lil’ Zane: What happened was, I had just opened up my Twitter account [@Lil Zanes World], and I kept seeing this @Fuck Tyler [and] he was saying my name.You suck.” The next time you see a court, what you gonna do? I saw a court and I’m like, “Fuck it, I’ma go in on these niggas right now to show ‘em I still got it and they can’t see me in the booth.” My friend, my homie said that. I’m sure you got a homie that was like, “Yo, growing up I got more chicks than you, dog.” So you like, “Alright, well I’ma show you, next time I’m coming through I’ma have the baddest one you ain’t never seen.” So it’s like that. We cool, but my friend felt like I wasn’t a good rapper to him.So I felt like, “Alright, well, I’ma show my friend that I’m a better rapper than him – or just as good.” So it was just like that, man.It wasn’t the priority on my list of things I was going through at that time.

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But once I got my head cleared, and once things cleared up a little bit for me and I got my life in order and I can focus on that now, then it’s like, “Okay, I’m coming out with a new project.” But, you can’t go into something new with past issues, so I still owed it to my fans, and to myself, to address the people that were kicking me while I was down.Don’t do that to a real nigga.” ‘Cause at the end of the day, it’s real niggas out here too that – that shit ain’t cool.

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