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A funeral director, also known as an undertaker (British English) or mortician (American English), is a professional involved in the business of funeral rites.These tasks often entail the embalming and burial or cremation of the dead, as well as the arrangements for the funeral ceremony (although not the directing and conducting of the funeral itself unless clergy are not present).Title reigns, Superstar pushes, sometimes even careers.In many cases however, perhaps what is the most fleeting are wrestler relationships.Other firms that were family-owned have been acquired and are operated by large corporations such as Service Corporation International, though such homes usually trade under their pre-acquisition names.Most funeral homes have one or more viewing rooms, a preparation room for embalming, a chapel, and a casket selection room.The owner usually hires two or three other morticians to help them.

This does not include embalming or cremation of the body until further training is completed.In Ancient Rome, wealthy individuals trusted family to care for their corpse, but funeral rites would feature professional mourners: most often actresses who would announce the presence of the funeral procession by wailing loudly.Other paid actors would don the masks of ancestors and recreate their personalities, dramatizing the exploits of their departed scion.All of the national organisations offer voluntary membership of "best practice" standards schemes, which includes regular premises inspection and adherence to a specific 'code of conduct' These organisations help funeral directors demonstrate that they are committed to continual personal development and they have no issue with regulation should it become a legal requirement [13].

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Dutch scientist Frederik Ruysch's work attracted the attention of royalty and legitimized postmortem anatomy. Mid nineteenth century, gender roles within funeral service in the United States began to change. Late nineteenth century it became a male dominated industry with the development of Funeral Directors, which changed the funeral industry both locally and nationally.