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Samantha and I got together and we’re like “How do you think we created this? Why did you have to bring this heterosexual to the situation!? ” So we’ll definitely have to revisit which I think is again another opportunity to bring some kind of discussion or to illuminate that topic and that whole situation because at the end of the day, ultimately, she does have a biological father but her mothers raised her so they are her parents. AE: The family has had some negative things said about them by people in the town.

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Although the character of Norrie was in the book, she did not have lesbian moms, so those parts were created specifically for the series.Like “this is going to be amazing.” Because just looking at us without us even saying a word is a statement unto itself. AH: In between takes we do, and so much that they’re like “Bring it in!So I just thought that that was really wonderful creating of characters and then casting of characters because it was such a strong statement about accepting family and accepting love no matter what the package it comes in and so I loved being a part of voicing that message. AE: It’s great because it’s not something you see on network television a lot. AH: It’s not a heavy-handed message, it’s just there. Bring it in.” It becomes—it almost becomes comical how intense it becomes.AH: There is an episode where you get that I come from a background of law and we’ve already gotten that Samantha comes from a background of medicine. AE: I have to say that as a fan of shows that are about dire world circumstances like has your relationship.

It’s not as literal for the rest of the season, but it will come out even more. AH: I love that they’re competent and you can see that they’re competent. AE: We saw that Alice was able to help in the hospital a few episodes back.