Whats the relevance of constantly updating ones skill

05-Feb-2021 13:24

People know when you’re truly interested in them, Kahn says.“If you’re not showing a genuine interest – asking thoughtful questions and considering about their answers – your interaction can actually have an opposite effect to the one intended.“If you have a gift for the spoken and written word, you will always put your best foot forward.Being articulate is highly prized in today’s workplace, when time is at a premium and technology requires constant communication.” Parnell says articulation is a very important “people skill.” “Illusory transparency refers to the notion that as we speak to others, we believe that they are of the same mindset as us, and are processing things exactly as we would.

This people skill can be practiced; and once honed, you’ll see the difference in the positive reaction of those around you.” Genuine interest in others.“It will bring you positive emotional returns – part of ‘corporate karma.’” If you contribute to a dehumanized company, both you and your employer will have limited growth potential, she says.