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29-Jan-2020 15:18

I have not been on a Bumble date since.” — Alexa “Recently, I went out with a guy who said birth control was a sin, women shouldn’t be educated over a high school level, and sex was only for making babies.

When I told him I needed to leave, he said I was fat.” — Claire “Went on a date with a guy in September and Stanford rapist Brock Turner was on the news on the TV in the bar.

THEN HE ASKED ME IF I COULD COVER HIS DRINK AND GIVE HIM A RIDE HOME.” — Suzy “I once went on date with a guy who showed up 30 minutes late and then proceeded to drink four drinks to my two.

Needless to say, it was not a match.” — Jen “First, these are two completely separate dates with two completely separate people in two completely separate years, but they were remarkably similar.

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“While it can be scary to ask direct questions before meeting in person for multiple reasons, it’s worth it to get a few things answered.” Before agreeing to a date, she advises preliminary screening according to your own standards: “What are your top two deal breakers and/or must-haves?Both were brunette, Jewish, average height, late 20s, attractive, great conversationalists. And there was another common denominator: both women owned pet snakes.

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