Vancouver bc dating scene

22-Oct-2020 06:08

Maybe you're into that smart, nerdy, science type... Plus Science world after dark is a super fun alternative to the bar scene.

You are still able to sip a drink, but you can interact with people about cool and interesting topics and possibly even learn a thing or two!

You can bond over which moderately sweetened cider will be your next go-to, and get a healthy buzz on while doing it.

It's also a great way to create date two on the spot..

via @urbanrec If you ask me there is no better way to create genuine connections with people than being on a sports team together!

It is always a blast no matter what level you are at, and there is usually a good guy - girl ratio on each team.

I tend to enjoy a spot with some live entertainment though which is something Guilt & Company always delivers on.

The cocktail list is great (they do an amazing whiskey sour), the vibe is super cool, and sometimes there is dancing which is always cute if you ask me.

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It's great for all levels, so don't worry if you have never climbed before, you can start at the climbs labelled V0 (my forever climbs) and work your way up!"I know a great place to get even better ciders than these, I'll have to show you." Voila!

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