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12-Nov-2020 12:34

Super Size Me made their point about the fast food chain, but it’s hard to argue with three world records and three gold medals.It’s surprising Mc Donald’s isn’t a sponsor at this point!All hell broke loose mid-September when Pete jetted off to Ibiza to promote Doll Beauty – a false eyelash brand.Now it looks like Shelby was aware he’d be pretty much holiday-ing with 6 models, but maybe the reality was just a bit too hard to take.

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He adopted an abandoned cheetah cub (how fitting) found in Nairobi and pays for its upkeep at a Kenyan wildlife refuge.While in many ways this is true, the world’s fastest man has actually managed all his achievements despite having scoliosis – an abnormal curvature of the spine – since childhood.Bolt wasn’t a fan of the local cuisine in Beijing, so during his time there for the Olympics, he ate a reported one THOUSAND Mc Donald chicken nuggets.She explained to Pete that the trust is gone and that him not speaking to her didn’t help the situation.

Pete defended himself by saying “you could have spoke to me at any point as well”.When I'm not watching TV or writing about it, working out, travelling, and being a mum to two dogs fills the rest of my time.