Texting and dating violence

11-Sep-2019 19:38

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A woman's post on Imgur has gone viral after she shared text messages to demonstrate what an abusive relationship can look like.Imgur user Krissy Kross uploaded six screenshots of text messages with her ex-husband Adam in which his controlling and violent behavior was extremely evident.This violence usually takes place face-to-face or electronically, such as via phone calls, text messages, or the Internet.Teen dating violence doesn’t always occur between individuals who are currently in a relationship; it can also happen between those who were once in a relationship.Dating violence can present itself in the following ways: —undesired harassing or threatening behavior committed by one individual toward another.Examples of stalking include repeated, uninvited visits to someone’s home, unwanted surveillance, consistent electronic communication, etc.

Or you might also know about the kind of abuse where your partner calls you names, threatens or humiliates you, or stalks you.Examples of digital abuse can include: Of these behaviors, intrusive monitoring is probably the most common, with up to 20% of young people in relationships saying they’d experienced it in one 2013 poll.Pressure to sext also appears to be common among young people and teens.If your boyfriend or girlfriend’s behavior in this area bothers you or raises red flags, ask them to stop.

If it continues, consider leaving the relationship, or reach out for help.I saw him only a handful of times after, all in court.

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