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By the late 1880s, almost all the coffee plantations in Ceylon had been converted to tea.

Similarly, coffee stores rapidly converted to tea factories in order to meet increasing demand.

In 1995, it was the world's leading exporter of tea (rather than producer), with 23% of the total world export, but it has since been surpassed by Kenya.

The highest production of 340 million kg was recorded in 2013, while the production in 2014 was slightly reduced to 338 million kg.

In 1925 the Tea Research Institute was established in Ceylon to conduct research into maximising yields and methods of production.

By 1927 tea production in the country exceeded 100,000 metric tons (110,231 short tons), almost entirely for export.

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Sri Lanka is the world's fourth-largest producer of tea.of Belfast One million tea packets were sold at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.