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23-Apr-2020 13:03

“I don’t take it personally when a show gets canceled — I can’t take it personally, all my shows gets canceled!

Look at my resume, it’s a long list of canceled TV shows.

The murder of a Latino army veteran ex-con, ex-Lobos-street gang member quickly links to a break-in in the late captain's home, to steal only and all his old police files, and yields the fingerprints... He teams up with New York police detective Kate Beckett to solve the case.

Cop killer Hal Lockwood, whom Beckett visited unsuccessfully in jail for months hoping for a lead in her mother Johanna's closed murder case, is released by a faked order into the general population,... He finds inspiration in Detective Beckett and starts shadowing her for his next book.

“It’s kind of a niche for me to play characters who are vain but don’t know that they’re vain. “It’s very easy to laugh at a character who’s that stupid.

He’s kind, he’s nice, he’s sort of charming, but he’s just so cheesy and so flawed.” Fillion, a big fan of “Modern Family,” admits he was uncharacteristically nervous coming into a successful show where he admired all the actors.

But he’s back on ABC nonetheless, guest-starring in several episodes of “Modern Family” (Wednesdays at 9 p.m.) as aptly named weatherman Rainer Shine.Nathan Fillion was born on 27 March 1971 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.He is the son of Cookie (Early) and Bob Fillion, both retired English teachers, and has an older brother, Jeff.Fillion is set to appear in at least three episodes (the next airing in November), with the potential for two more.

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And after eight seasons starring as jerky mystery novelist Richard Castle, the actor jumped at the chance to play the cocky Rainer Shine when “Modern Family” producers called him over the summer to offer him a guest role.Fillion made his debut last week; in the episode, Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell) appears in a real estate segment for the local news, where he gets the chance to meet and befriend his weatherman hero.