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21-Jan-2021 18:24

If you want to download some of these files, don't be tempted to copy them into the VST3 Presets folder in the application folder: this is intended for factory presets only.

Instead you need to copy them to your 'C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\VST3 Presets' folder (if this doesn't already exist, save any plug-in preset from within and it will be created automatically, which is quicker and easier than doing it by hand).

Finally, before you attempt to convert all your preset collections, the new VST3 Mediabay may not be compatible with some multitimbral soft synths, such as Korg's , where each synth you load may contain dozens, or even hundreds, of its own presets.

Choosing your sounds using Mediabay may be the future, but it remains a hugely frustrating one to many musicians at the moment! I've used this on a daily basis ever since, on my general-purpose Windows XP partition, and have been well pleased with its performance under fire.

Steinberg provide a dedicated 'Convert Program List To VST Presets' option that will create a bank of VST3 presets from the contents of the currently loaded bank of sounds, but where there are lots of factory banks sorted into different categories this bank-by-bank conversion process can become tedious (Korg's , for instance, provides 18 banks).

All the VST3 presets will also end up in one huge scrolling list by default, so if you ever want to search for them by bank you'll also have to create additional bank folders within your main VST3 preset folder.

is supplied with a comprehensive and well-written PDF manual.

This approach has the advantage that a plug-in can always find its own presets automatically, but I do recommend that you copy the entire contents of this folder regularly to a non-Windows location on another partition/drive, to make sure you have a backup of all your custom presets.

In my Internet travels I sometimes discover little software nuggets that others may not come across.

First and foremost, VST3 instruments and plug-ins now save their presets using a completely different format (vstpreset) from the simpler FXP and FXB files previously used to save single presets and banks.

This format is tied in with the new Soundframe 'Universal Sound Manager', which incorporates the Mediabay file-management system.There are even four 'lazy' buttons that produce random presets when you're feeling uninspired!