Social psychology research dating violence

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Groups are initiated both by faculty and by graduate students.Other coursework is minimal and includes elective courses within and beyond the Psychology department, with the aim of providing a strong theoretical and methodological foundation for the students’ program of research.These are groupings of faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students drawn together regularly by common theoretical concerns, research interests, or training needs.All graduate students and faculty from the program meet weekly at our Social Forum, for which students receive course credit.Ideology and Intergroup Violence Lab (IIVL) (Stewart): The Ideology and Intergroup Violence Lab at Clark University investigates the ideological foundations of violence at multiple levels of analysis (e.g., the individual and society), while also identifying ways to reduce violence and discrimination through protest, collective action, and social psychological interventions. We explore the complex dynamics of ideology and violence across a variety of intergroup relations, including gender, race, nationality, and sexual orientation. This program focuses on basic social psychological processes that underlie pressing social and political issues - locally, nationally, and globally.At Clark, this includes primarily the study of intergroup relations, societal peace and conflict, violence, health disparities, and commitment to social change, including political action and intervention.

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Social Forum: This is a forum on research and theory in social psychology, in which members (all social graduate students and faculty, joined by several graduate students from other programs) discuss theoretical and methodological issues, plan new research, share updates on ongoing projects, and receive feedback on manuscripts in preparation for publication. I am particularly interested in examining the role of stigma and stereotyping on mental and sexual health outcomes as it relates to experiences of intimate partner violence (IPV) and sexual objectification.

Topics include prosocial behavior and solidarity between members of different groups, how people respond to group-based violence and victimization, and psychological processes during and in the aftermath of genocide.

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