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"But he did not have the condition treated, so the situation got worse."Rectal prolapse, the term for when parts of the intestine become disconnected from the inside of the body and can protrude outside of the anus, typically occurs in young children and the elderly, but it can be exacerbated by spending long periods of time on the pot.

Sitting on the toilet for long periods of time can weaken pelvic muscles that keep all of that inside of you, and, when coupled with straining to get something out, can cause the aforementioned horror scenario.

Belleek pottery can be worth anywhere from 0 to ,000 and beyond.

Prices vary based on quality, rarity, and the period in which the piece was made.

If you are, and if you also happen to be reading this article while sitting on the toilet, here's some advice: maybe... We'll keep this short, because you really need to put away the phone and get up, because if you don't it could have some seriously horrific consequences.

In China, a man's rectum fell out of his butt because he sat on the toilet for too long. Actually, don't, because we need to get you up and moving.

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Nevertheless, antique Belleek pieces still exude that beauty and brilliance that ushered the brand into acclaim, and they come with the added benefit of collection options across price points.

Today’s market trends also suggest that Belleek marks matter: those pieces bearing the brand’s oldest maker’s marks, known among collectors as “Black Mark Belleek,” can achieve record high prices; specimens, such as those from the later eras of the Green and Gold Mark Belleek, appear at more modest prices but are equally modeled with Belleek beauty in mind.

Below is a list of realized prices for Belleek from the Invaluable price database that highlights some of the most characteristic examples in a range of styles from the most valuable to the most accessible.

Basically, it's Carol teasing Alice and Bob for their crush or relationship.

There are many variations of the song, with several extra verses.The following decade at that same exhibition, Belleek wares caught the eye of England’s Queen Victoria, who subsequently ordered her own service by the makers.

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