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19-Apr-2020 06:23

I thought we were past that."I blushed, "I didn't know what you were asking, I'm sorry.""Oh, OK." The scowl was replaced by a smile. She started laughing, "Impetuous, impulsive, impatient Aidan has struck again, hasn't he? "Sheepishly, I pulled the lease and the brochure out of my jacket and slid them across the table.

"That is really nice looking," she raised an eyebrow, "and expensive.""I know," I mumbled, "but it's really cool and I fell in love with it.""Stop it Aidan." Katie said firmly. "I'm not mad, I'm not hurt; this is what we talked about.

Our server came over and asked if we had been there before and we smiled and responded that we had."Is this a special occasion? Before Katie could respond, I said, "Yes it is.""Could I get you something to drink? " I smiled."Excellent, sir," She said, "My name is Mina, we'll be back in a moment with your wine. "I've been on the website today, trying to make choices that will make this perfect."She smiled, "So far, so good. "I said, "Wait until the wine..."The sommelier came up with the wine, presented it and poured a taste for me.

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