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Why would I want to spend money to try to be a part of this social scene I don’t give a shit about? People in skateboarding are crazy, which is cool, but because they’re crazy anything can happen.

I started to get this dumb rotation going where I kept going to flat. We had the crappy boards for awhile, trying to roll down the hill we lived on in Glendale. Then we moved to Santa Monica and my brother wanted to try it. My mom took us both to the park and I wasn’t gonna have my brother be better than me. And that’s where all the old guys ended up skating so I made friends with them. My parents had just got divorced and we moved to Santa Monica and I was changing schools again and it was a whatever time. when my mom told my grandma I was skating she was, like, “Elizabeth? I started learning tricks when I started going to other parks.

But later on I took her to a contest and once she saw it in person I think she understood. So was it normal for you to start doing handplants and airs? I just liked carving around and being at the park and messing around and being a kid. I got to go to Australia and miss a week of school and she didn’t care. She’s definitely super supportive and proud of everything I’m doing. I can go to school later but I can’t do skateboarding later.” So I got hurt and my mom was, like, “You’re hurt. You can’t skate.” And I was, like, “Nope, I’m just going to focus on skating.” I got better and I did therapy. When you’re done being hurt you kind of have a fire under you to skate. I was, like, “This is disgusting; I’m not skating this board,” and I threw it away. I’ve totally cried on trips ‘cause my feelings were hurt. So are you just one of the guys in the van or do they hold back?