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05-Nov-2020 08:27

It’s not the nicest bar on the block and can feel quite divey, but the staff are friendly and most of the time it’s a pretty welcoming place to come.The Rose (as it’s known) is the only dedicated lesbian bar in town, and as such, fills a variety of roles throughout the week.Cherry (1114 Howell St- Downtown) – Held at Re Bar once a month.Cherry is the place to be in Seattle if you’re young, lesbian or bisexual, and hip.Wednesdays and Thursdays rotate between a number of events, which have included Open Mic, Seattle Spit (queer poetry/spoken word), Burlesque, and Karaoke.

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They also feature microbrews for — can’t beat a good beer and nerdy women.

This isn’t even counting the dedicated lesbian parties Seattle hosts on a monthly basis, such as Cherry, Lick, Girl 4 Girl, Hotflash/Inferno, and Chocolate Kisses.