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16-Feb-2020 11:21

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If the patient expects to receive treatment, there are endorphins and other opioids which are released in the brain causing them to feel better.

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This is worrying enough when people are claiming to offer treatment for various conditions, because they are claiming abilities for which there is no evidence.

(Who says doctors treat you like a piece of meat, and then call you stupid too…ha ha ha!

) That’s why we have clinical trials in the first place.

Without establishing this basic starting point, we are simply discussing an idea that there is this form of energy.

Secondly, once having demonstrated its presence, we need to be able to show the link between the presence of this energy and a specific predictable change in the human body.

There is absolutely no evidence of the existence of Qi, nor any evidence of its effects, nor any suggestion that it can be localised and measured.

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