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28-Apr-2020 04:31

We'd probably be writing this article about some other guy. "My sister wanted to be a model and I was dragged along to support her," he told in 2017. She gets really tense when I tell the story, but I give it to her."Community theater and attendance at a public arts middle school gave way to local modeling and commercials, which, in turn, helped him sign with agency after agency until he was traveling out west for pilot seasons.

A role at 15 on Disney's went from one line to five to multiple episodes.

"Noah and I definitely encouraged the speculation," she said in the March 2019 issue of Oscars Party with actress Lily Collins, she became the next target of romance speculation, only to have those rumors quashed as well.

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(As of press time, his follower count sits at 16.5 million. ) Fans know when and where he will be, like the ones he told Jimmy Kimmel were waiting for him when he got off a plane at JFK and followed his cab into the city.

He finished his junior and senior years in the sort of independent study program that most child actors rely upon to keep work a priority. '"But by the time he was about to become a legal adult, reality began to sink in and his parents became worried about his career prospects.

"I moved across the country to become an actor, not an academic type," he told After moving, Centineo got his first taste of what it means to click with an audience. And my mom was kind of just standing there, beaming. After all, an episode here and there does not a career make.

And for good reason."I don't close any doors totally, but probably not, because then it's like more of a infatuation with like, a position more than like, the person," he said on Daily Pop last August.

"It can overshadow that, which is difficult, I would think."With the notoriety, however, comes opportunity.

Maybe he's still dreaming of playing soccer professionally, maybe he's just graduated from college and taken some 9-5 job at an office park somewhere.