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If humans continue to release carbon into the atmosphere, many methods of radiocarbon dating will no longer be viable, and will not be able to provide absolute dates for artifacts up to 2,000 years old (Graven, Heather D. Though there are other methods of dating, radiocarbon is favored, and many methods must be used in tandem to provide the most accurate dates possible (Bahn and Renfrew 2010).

Dating as we know it will change if the carbon being released into the atmosphere cannot be managed. United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2017 Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data.

In this brief article, we analyze one example for this first issue; the dating of the reign of King Menes.

Some of the German datings of the reign of King Menes vary as follows; Bunsen (1) – 3,623 BC Lepsius (2) – 3,892 BC Lauth (3) – 4,157 BC Unger (4) – 5,613 BC Boeckh (5) – 5,702 BC As can be seen above, Menes’ reign has been dated by these men as recently as 3,623 BC (5,642 years ago) and as late as 5,702BC (7,721 years ago).

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Many different methods are used to estimate the ages of Quaternary deposits by a variety of methods using either the decay or in-growth of radionuclides, or the buildup of radiation dose measured in different ways.Other methods compare the growth of annual bands in trees or sediments. Timothy PY - 2013/1/1Y1 - 2013/1/1N2 - This article is an overview of the various dating techniques relevant to the Quaternary Sciences.