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05-Nov-2020 23:50

XML supports referencing entities from external URLs, the XML parser would typically fetch and load that resource without any qualms.“An attacker can circumvent firewalls and gain access to restricted resources as all the requests are made from an internal and trustworthy IP address, not from the outside.”Another situation to consider is 3rd party packages you’re depending on that decode XML, like configuration files, remote APIs.The attacker can use that to include references to one of the subprocess modules to run arbitrary commands on the host.

Try it out if you don’t believe me :-)Another attack uses external entity expansion.

Python is no exception, even within the standard library there are documented bad practices for writing hardened applications.

Yet, when I’ve spoken to many Python developers they simply aren’t aware of them.

Here are my top 10, , common gotchas in Python applications.

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Injection attacks are broad and really common and there are many types of injection.Unless you have a good reason, don’t construct SQL queries by hand. For the shell, use the module to escape input correctly.

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