Progress bar value is not updating in tk

25-Aug-2020 21:54

I monitor its progress in a while loop by reading a status line that it produces on stderr.

The status line provides information about percentage complete; I use that information to update the Message Bar in my GUI.

HTH -- - Eric Brunel I'm confused about how to use the update_idletasks method.

There is apparently no simple way of updating the display of newly created toplevel's on Windows without returning full control to the GUI (at least with tk/Tkinter) I never saw the problem you describe (some windows refreshing, some not), but I mainly develop on Linux, which may show a different behaviour than the platform you're working on (which BTW you don't mention...). However, that is not the behavior that I am seeing.

During that time, I would like for the GUI to continue to show signs of life.

I have a Pmw Message Bar in which I display a status message.

Here's a pseudo-code snippet to illustrate what I did: from Tkinter import * import os, fcntl, popen2 def button_callback(self, event): #the function that's bound to the button #dialog window with progress bar: = Progress Window.So calling the Tkinter update_idletasks method on any widget has exactly the same effect, which is to refresh the whole GUI.

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