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13-Nov-2019 09:43

Single men place particular importance on the photos of a dating profile.When Tobii Technology researchers tracked the eye movements of online daters, they found that some men spend as much as 65% more time reviewing photos than women do. A blurry picture could sketch out potential dates, and a group shot could make people wonder which person you are.Pay attention to your tone when you’re writing your dating profile.The best profiles keep things light and have an upbeat tone.

You should always include the why behind your interests, hobbies, and personality quirks.

An e Harmony study found men whose dating profiles used adjectives like perceptive, physically fit, and intelligent attracted anywhere from 58% to 143% more interest from women.

Meanwhile, words like quiet, energetic, and respectful hurt their chances of receiving a message or a like.

You didn’t put any effort into creating a dating profile, so why should someone put effort into messaging you?

However, respondents favorably viewed profiles that showcased personality at the top of the page. Many singles sign up to a dating site because they’re looking for personal connections, so making yourself sound like a living, breathing, human person with interesting things to say is going to attract attention online. The open-ended About Me section of a dating profile can leave some singles stumped because they don’t know which personality traits to highlight and which to downplay.Ideally, you should post a photo that shows your face (no sunglasses) and depicts you doing something interesting (no bathroom selfies).