Prevent adobe cs3 from updating

07-Jul-2020 12:40

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Acrobat "Pro" only has one option "Automatically install updates" which can be either switched on or off.

NOTE: Although Acrobat Professional may have been installed as part of Creative Suite, the Creative Suite updater does not check for updates to Acrobat Professional!

Or you can disable it for security reasons (if you trust Apple to keep their PDF viewing software more up-to-date than Adobe).

If you still use a Power PC computer for browsing the internet you are now strongly recommended to disable flash or better still remove Flash completely especially as Flash vulnerabilities are now being actively exploited on the internet - Click To Flash for Safari / Flashblock for Firefox or Seamonkey.

NOTE: Reader comes with many different names so check for "Acrobat Reader", "Adobe Acrobat Reader", "Adobe Reader", "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" and "Adobe Acrobat Reader 2015." NOTE: Creative Cloud is a subscription based service so you are eligible for full upgrades as well as minor updates.

Creative Cloud desktop app displays an Update All button or Update buttons next to installed apps.

Optionally you can click "Advanced Options" which gives you the facility to not "Import previous settings and preferences" and/or "Remove old versions".

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NOTE: The Adobe Application Manager may not launch or report it cannot install updates - you can manually update the Adobe Application Manager to the latest version but be warned that it will constantly nag you to "upgrade" to Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service.Article ID = 12Article Title = Keeping Adobe Software Products Up-To-Date Article Author(s) = Graham Needham (BH)Article Created On = 15th June 2011Article Last Updated = 14th December 2018Article URL = https://