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27-Dec-2020 16:16

Leave the old alias intact" because it will leave the alias to whatever was first created.If you haven't gone live, you can temporarily set it to "create new alias, delete old alias" and then use the admin/content/node page to update all the aliases in bulk so they are all current. But the articles on your site do a great job of consolidating what is important and simplifying it.It would be nice to have finer control over this behavior so that you could have it regenerate the alias for a particular node without having to change the default settings.Or perhaps, for unpublished nodes, it could continue to change the url since it's not live.IT IS available in the "Node Path Settings" replacement patterns.

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Is it safe to use pathauto to delete all the aliases and then recreate them? Leave the old alias intact" option is not working - the aliases do not change. If you want the aliases to be updated, then you shouldn't use "Do nothing.You should never have two URLs that show the same exact content.Redirecting from one URL to the other is fine though the best is to only have one URL for each page on the site.The Drupal pathauto module is great but be careful how you configure it.

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The recommended settings are already chosen by default but let's review them below.

If your site isn't live yet, the number can be high since it won't matter that it takes a long time to do. If you are only in development mode (site isn't live) and plan changing node titles and/or autonodetitle rules regularly, then I would stick with: "Create new alias.

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