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22-Jul-2020 01:12

With Apple News, you can read interactive and engaging stories from a large variety of publications (or channels) across a broad range of topics such as Entertainment, Politics, Food, or Science.

The more you read, the better Apple News gets at understanding your interests.

We don’t make you buy a one year or six month subscription, but let you just buy magazines by the copy if that’s what you prefer.

On your i Pad or Mac, you can find Following content in the sidebar.

In Following, you'll also see a list of the topics and channels that you're already following and suggestions from Siri or based on your reading behavior in the News app.

They are all here and you can add a gift card message once you are in the checkout - and send it by post or email on a date you choose. All Categories Not only can you buy current single magazine issues online, you can start a magazine subscription straight away with our huge range of publications in stock.

We’ve also the largest magazine cover library online, so feel free to browse tens of thousands of recent and current magazine covers to see what’s in them all, as well as see new magazine arrival dates.

Tap it to love a story or follow a channel or topic and to see more similar things in your feed. Learn more about reading magazines with Apple News .