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If Eve sacrificed the human race for an apple, What would she do for a Klondike bar? Q: What do you call a detective from the reformation? Working for the Lord, don't pay much, but the benefits are out of this world. " When I Grow Up A nun at a Catholic school asked her students what they want to be when they grow up. Then this sweet thing moved in next door and since! The Catholic said mine is powerful, the Buddhist said, no, mine is powerful. RELICS People who have been going to Mass for so long, they actually know when to sit, kneel, and stand. John fights through the romans, wraps his arms around the base of the cross, looks up and CRIES, YES MY LORD!! Christ looks down upon him and says - "JOHN, I CAN SEE YOUR HOUSE FROM HERE! I'm 50 years old and for the thirty years I've been married I never cheated on my wife. " Quarrel A Catholic and a Buddhist were on a quarrel on whose God is more powerful. RECESSIONAL The ceremonial procession at the conclusion of Mass led by parishioners trying to beat the crowd to the parking lot.A group of psychological researchers has recently opined: “Current evidence indicates that heightened risk for mortality from a lack of social relationships is greater than that from obesity…In a recent report, researchers have predicted the loneliness will reach epidemic proportions by 2030 unless action is taken.”[1] Though loneliness has been with us since before the time of the Psalmist, the research into phenomenon of loneliness has snowballed in the Western world in recent decades.In 2006, the American Sociological Review created quite a stir when it released the results of a 20-year-study from the University of Chicago comparing surveys of two samples of approximately 1,500 adults each, the first taken in 1985 and the second in 2004.[2] This table provides is a summary of a few of the key findings regarding intimate relationships of close confidants, the lack of which can contribute to the loneliness of emotional isolation: The researchers reported that “in spite of a large literature on declining civic engagement and neighbor involvement,” they expected that networks of close confidants would have remained stable.When the updated survey results came in the researchers stated quite bluntly: “We were clearly wrong.” So striking were these findings that shortly after, articles appeared in popular periodicals like USA Today, The New York Times, and The American Spectator, and many others, some headlining with the startling finding that published an extensive report that showed about one-third (35%) of their over 3,000 respondents reported significant loneliness.Other recent studies have estimated that up to 32% of adults experience loneliness and up to 7% describe intense feelings of loneliness.

Q: What's the difference between Jesus and your father? Q: Did you hear about all the drama down at the convent?

Q: What do you call a Catholic service that is very very important? Finally getting to the front, she tossed a pebble towards the woman. Think of your father" Man replies "Haven't got a father; I'm going to jump." The copy goes through a list of relatives, mother, brothers, sister, etc. one of them are catholic kittens and another are lutheran kittens. So the guy said to the man, whats the difference between the Catholic kittens and the Lutheran kittens? HOLY WATER A liquid whose chemical formula is H2OLY.