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As mentioned earlier, Paul’s presentation of the gospel is a great example for us, both as a pattern for how Paul identified with his audience and as an example of apologetics in action.

His connection with his audience is seen in how he begins addressing those gathered at the Areopagus.

We know from history that the Epicurean philosophers generally believed that God existed but that He was not interested or involved with humanity and that the main purpose of life was pleasure.

On the other hand, the Stoic philosophers had the worldview that “God was the world’s soul” and that the goal of life was “to rise above all things” so that one showed no emotional response to either pain or pleasure.

Some of those there that day believed and were saved, others mocked Paul and rejected his message, and still others were open-minded and desired to hear more.

We can only hope that those who were open-minded were later convinced of the truth and also repented and believed.

Intrigued by what they considered Paul’s “babblings” about the resurrection of Christ, they brought him to the Areopagus where the Athenians and foreigners “spent their time in nothing else but to tell or hear some new thing” (Acts ).

In many ways it is a classic example of apologetics in action.

He spent the remainder of 19 in Greenwich Village, where he backed Tim Buckley and singer Nico of the Velvet Underground.… continue reading »

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