Kids dealing with parents dating

24-Sep-2020 09:10

What if we are having a great first date but my kids are a dealbreaker for them?

That’s a disappointment on both sides.” —Brendon, 36, Providence, RIWhat makes dating with kids more difficult?

Also, I don't get child support, so there's a strong financial consideration.

Like I have to really like a woman in order to be proactive enough to get a sitter and go through that whole thing.

“I’ve generally waited 5-6 months or longer to introduce them to any partners, and some people they never met because I never felt it was someone with long-term potential.” —Jeff, 52, Boston, MA“This is something I’m wrestling with now. I also pay attention to how someone talks about their kids—lovingly? “I’ve mostly dated women with kids, because parents and non-parents have pretty different experiences and that’s a divide that’s hard to bridge.

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A lot of women I've dated seem to value spontaneity and that's just not possible for me.

Also, scheduling trips is hard and that's an important thing for relationships in my opinion.