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My grasp on his cock tightened and as I stroked it through his fur the tip protruded. I rolled onto my back and spread my legs wide apart as one hand guided his head and scratched it... He was squirting bigger streams now with each stroke the cock hardened and came out more. New Stories Dog Sex Stories Women with dogs Males with dogs Lesbians with dogs Orgies with dogs Horse Sex Stories Women with horses Males with horses Lesbians with horses Orgies with horses Mixed Animal Sex Women with animals Males with animals Lesbians with animals Orgies with animals I loved to do chat in the lesbian rooms for a long time I had great fun. For the longest time I would get a baby sitter for my kids and go off to a ritzy resort with a girlfriend for a weekend. I answered: "no Jeannie darling - please let him fuck you now and type while he fucks you". I was about to climax again as she typed these words, I knew I would go off again soon.