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Make your summer all about ‘Disco//Very’ just like @_Warpaint does. Big ups to our family @_Rose Of The West_ on their album release day! We love you ♥️ Ozk33F This week in #Milwaukee Record Recommended shows... @PIXIES @therealjoebob @Okilly_Dokilly @_Rose Of The West_ @wildbellemusic @Scott HBiram Ml ZHNc Earlier this month, @_Warpaint celebrated their 15th anniversary with a pair of shows atop @Love You Down Fest, and also brought various side projects to the fold. #nowplaying: ‘Disco//Very’ BPIXQe Hu We’ve been waiting for this day! I promise you won’t be bummed :) Congrats honey bees!

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I really believed that if anybody had the chance to knock Ceci and Nate out in the elimination room, it was Andrea and Matt.

Whether Jenny put her t-shirt on this way intentionally or not, it’s clear that her life is no longer about overthinking things.

Under the solo moniker jennylee, Lindberg has recently taken far bolder steps towards turning her entire life inside-out.

Jennylee: Things were always cool between me and Cecille.

Niels: Improving my social skills was something I was actively working on, and I was interning at this company in San Francisco, Art of Attraction, which teaches relationship skills to guys.

I was convinced that, whether or not we chose Ceci and Nate, we would be going to the elimination room the next week.