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Geology is also about understanding the evolution of life on Earth; about discovering resources such as metals and energy; about recognizing and minimizing the environmental implications of our use of those resources; and about learning how to mitigate the hazards related to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and slope failures.

All of these aspects of geology, and many more, are covered in this textbook. There is no single method of inquiry that is specifically the “scientific method”; furthermore, scientific inquiry is not necessarily different from serious research in other disciplines.

Potassium is one of the 10 most abundant elements that together make up 99 percent of Earth’s crust and is therefore a major constituent of many rock-forming minerals.

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Those were processes that took place at incredibly slow rates — millimetres per year to centimetres per year — but because of the amount of time available, they produced massive results.Technical advances, including the introduction of the argon-40–argon-39 method and laser heating, that have improved the versatility of the method are described below.