Internet dating advantages and disadvantages gay dating okcupid

20-Jan-2020 04:04

The number of disadvantages of internet certainly outweighs its advantages in the current times.Introduction Internet offers numerous advantages but the number of disadvantages it offers are no less.

Since internet offers abundant sources of entertainment, it is hard to resist the temptation.

Internet offers so many different sources of entertainment that it is difficult to control the temptation.

People these days have the urge to check their messenger and social media profiles every few minutes to see if someone has messaged them. They are not able to concentrate completely on their work and it thus lowers their productivity.

Those who are addicted to gaming, try to take some time off every hour or so to continue with their game. There are so many web series and videos being sprint almost every day and if you begin watching them once you cannot give up on them.

A recent research shows that people spend most part of their time on the internet while they are at their work place. Work Life Imbalance There is a lot of competition in the market these days. It has raised our standard of living and made several tasks extremely smooth and easy. Just as is the case with everything else, excess usage of internet can also be harmful.