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29-Oct-2020 14:41

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i would look more at personality, but having said that im not keen of tough, violent people..

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It's really not as risqué as it might seem — even in ancient times, loin cloths were mostly optional.If that’s the case, don’t stress about planting your butt on a germy bike seat or workout bench, says ob-gyn Amanda Kallen, MD, assistant professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at the Yale School of Medicine.Your pants alone are a solid barrier against any bugs lurking on fitness equipment.I also think that being in the armed forces, especially serving in an active war zone can have quite serious repercussions on the mental health of a lot of servicemen (and women) and I think it would be very difficult to help somebody overcome the fact they might have killed somebody, or watched their friend die in conflict etc. yes, as long as they were good looking and in uniform What you date someone whos trained to kill?

It would probably be even harder if they were a Marine as you definitely have to have a certain type of personality or mindset to go in to it, let alone what the experience can do to you, so I don't think I could settle with someone who was. Who is Mentally and physically constantly tested and hard to break, someone who has completed 32 weeks of 1 of the hardest military training in the world?Like I said thats a generaliseation based on 2 people though and of course it depends on the individual.

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