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Banks may be willing or simply ignore the date, and, as mentioned, aren’t legally obligated to delay unless they have explicit, often written instructions from the writer.

Many bigger banks, however, will honor postdates as part of banking agreements. When it comes down to it, postdating a check can be risky.

If a check is cashed prior to the postdate, and funds are not available, be prepared for a headache and additional fees.

Only rely on postdated checks if it is a last resort, and you do not have the funds available, and the payee is unwilling to work with you on when they receive the payment, as they might see holding a check as an escrow situation.

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The writer is waiting for money to be deposited or for another check to clear before the payee will be able to cash without overdrawing the writer’s account.Unfortunately, this is not always honored by banks or the organization cashing the check.First, let’s look at why you would want to postdate a check.Businesses may reject a postdated check as a form of payment.

They can try to cash the check whenever they please.For example, if it’s January 28, and you have rent due, you might postdate a check for February 1.

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