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18-Jun-2020 18:22

The second surprising fact is kind of bizarre, according to the young You Tube personality, he was a loner in his formative years and actually believed he could communicate with birds, he saw himself as a cursed owl prince stuck in a human body.

For months, he did not sit neither did he talk to anybody instead, he preferred to perch on things and hoot at people just like an owl.

“We’ll all happily make a little small talk, but, after that, we all go back to our own little worlds of five to six friends.” That’s a bit harsh, and it’s not even the most negative post in the thread.

Most of the replies were more interested in blaming the city than offering solutions to singles.

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He is not only in the limelight for his incredible talents as an actor on the social media, he is also known for his stunning looks.

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