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08-Jan-2020 09:10

To make matters worse, a number of online dating sites aren’t very secure.In 2017, researchers at Kaspersky Lab found that some of the biggest dating sites, including Tinder, Ok Cupid, and Bumble, had security flaws that rendered their users’ personal information vulnerable to stalkers, hackers, and black mailers.Even after you cancel your subscription, dating websites often store your profile and pictures in their databases, and depending on the legal situation (which could include divorce or custody proceedings, lawsuits related to employment, and possibly medical-related lawsuits), websites must turn over this information in response to a court order.Another way that your data can hurt you is by revealing your true identity when you are trying to remain anonymous.These flaws could leave users’ names, locations, login information, message histories, and more, exposed.Researchers from the cybersecurity company Checkmarx recently identified two security problems in the Tinder app.This data includes your name, your date of birth, your Social Security number, your address, your phone number, and so on.The information about what you do online includes what searches you perform, which websites you go to, what articles you read, and even what items you buy online.

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For example, someone could use your dating profile as evidence in a lawsuit against you.

Whenever you do anything on the Internet, whether it is downloading an app, visiting a website, or using social media, someone is collecting data about you.

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