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19-Aug-2020 23:24

You may have hoped your child would live nearby or at least an easy daytrip drive or plane trip away and not across the world.

But, perhaps, your child craves a more unusual life in a faraway place or has always been interested in other languages, cultures, or healthcare and social policies in other places.

My female student was worried about what to wear to meet the parents, if she knew all the right table manners, and what she would do if they asked about her upbringing.

Later, the young man came to me also concerned that while he knows his family to be down to earth and unpretentious, his home might appear ostentatious to someone with so much less.

They might need to live out these questions now and at least try this journey.

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6) Making threats such as “if you date so and so, I won’t pay for school or clothes or whatever” will only alienate your child.He embodies all the qualities I adored in my college boyfriend, but he’s not addicted and he is super-reliable.