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29-Oct-2020 01:55

Her self-described "research project" has ballooned into a book and documentary based on a survey of North American child-free couples, historians, and social scientists. Numerous couples cite the financial restrictions, the childcare challenges, and the time constraints of parenting.

"One of my interviewees called parenthood a 'checklist' item," Scott tells Web MD. Some opt out of child rearing due to environmental, political, and overpopulation concerns.

Our friends see how we cared for our dog for 15 years and felt that we had all the nurturing skills we would need to be good parents.

We disagree." "I tell people that we are very comfortable with our decision not to have kids and have no regrets," Gomez adds. We direct our energies elsewhere, such as animal-rights causes and politics." Barbara Fisher, a licensed professional counselor in Atlanta, says that for some, the choice not to have children is spiritual.

Minimizing stress is yet another common factor many child-free couples consider when making their choice.

Walters and her husband, Brian Edwards, a commercial real estate broker, worry that children would undermine their relationship.

"The husband is suddenly a 'distant second' to the kids or they disagree on how to raise them.

"We discussed the pros and cons of having kids and came to the conclusion that there are too many reasons not to have them, and not enough good reasons to have them," Walters adds. Atlantans Duane and Robin Marcus married young -- at age 20 -- and have been married for 34 years.

Duane says he never felt "capable of being a father." His position was resolute.

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