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14-Aug-2020 08:09

The workplace culture could use some updating, associates feel as though they do not have to listen to managers; I believe this is due to having managers not being as approachable or understanding when dealing with associates personal lives.the hardest part about the job is staying positive for 10 hrs, the equipment crashes frequently creating a frustrating work environment and pushing managers as well as associates over the edge a little bit.

When a new training session date approaches I am always excited knowing that I will be gaining valuable knowledge in a new area.

Hardest part of any job is failure to meet schedule or your objective.

The most enjoyable part of any job is one well done.

the most enjoyable part of the job are the extra events that HR puts together for the associates (family fun day, 4 year anniversary, etc)Worse place to work, treat employees awful, they fire for stupid stuff that's personal and off the clock, they only keep u a bit.u go to be they blame the situation in u without explanation, huge turn around always Amazon is not a bad place to work if you are ready to work, the only thing is that HR has all the power at Amazon.

If someone goes to HR with any type of allocation they investigate and even if it is false that tell you not to do it again.Position involves approximately 90% of time spent in production areas and approximately 10% of time spent at a desk for reporting purposes.