Dating smith wesson 32 revolver

31-Jul-2020 02:13

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It was originally designed as a black powder cartridge.

The .32 S&W was offered to the public as a light defense cartridge for "card table" distances.

Have been shooting matches with one since about 1976.

Trying to put a value on anything with just the limited information provided is hard to do. You have only provided the most generic description.

The .32 S&W's velocity of approximately 700 feet per second (210 m/s) was very close to the .22 Long Rifle's performance from a sub-3-inch (76 mm) barrel, but with larger diameter and better sectional density.

Although the .32 S&W's round-nose bullet was less than optimal for defense, it did offer significant improvement over these other common handgun calibers of the day.

Iver Johnson started making shotguns in 1883 and didn't stop until 1987.

There will be a lot of different 12 gauges in there and the value will depend on the age, model, and (most of all) condition.

Answer There are about 100 models of S&W revolvers and many of them are available in .44 Special. about 32 years ago and its cost would be about 0 It really depends on the rarity of the gun, but in general serious collectors (the ones who pay big bucks) would prefer a gun with 10% of the original finish remaining over one that has been reblued if all other factors are equal.

Originally designed by the Union Metallic Cartridge Company (UMC) as a black powder cartridge using nine grains of black powder, the round has been loaded with smokeless powder exclusively since 1940.

It is low-powered and perfect for use in small frame concealable revolvers and derringers.

For more information, or to ask a question about any of our guns, please call (877) 214-9327 or email [email protected]

The .32 S&W cartridge (also known as the .32 S&W Short) was introduced in 1878 for Smith & Wesson pocket revolvers.

Since the .32 S&W headspaces on the rim and shares the rim dimensions and case and bullet diameters of the longer .32 S&W Long, the .32 H&R Magnum cartridges, and the .327 Federal Magnum, .32 S&W cartridges may be fired in arms chambered for these longer cartridges.

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