Dating sites like blackplanet

08-Dec-2020 15:59

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I came across at least 3 men who sound like scammers. They come on very strong with the romance but soon start asking for money. One is even impersonating member of United States Army! If they are promising you the sun and stars and you have only known them a few weeks, be wary. How can anyone go to a website with a name like this. This website would bring out the worst of people just so they can meet people because of the color of their skin. Before clicking on it, I noticed a list of emails from a website that went out of style a long time ago – Blackplanet.

Obvious by looking at its title, Blackplanet was meant for the African American population, but it definitely wasn’t subject to just them.

At its start, the website was for dating, communicating in forums and job postings; therefore, their core demographic was between the ages of 16 and 34.

It quickly switched over to more of a social networking site – sought after to connect with friends and family as more people found out about it and began to make use of it.

Becoming one of the first major social networking sites that catered to a minority group of people, Blackplanet hit its peak way before popular sites; like, Twitter and Facebook, were even heard of.

In 1999, just two years after the first major social networking site was created, Blackplanet was launched by Omar Wasow [Stanford University ‘92] to create an experience for African Americans unlike one they’d had before.Unlike the most popular sites used today, there was also a hit counter, a list of one’s most recent visitors and the infamous guestbook.