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He went to Coxsackie Correctional Facility, where he spent three weeks, with boyhood friend Jake La Motta, and then he went on to the New York City Reformatory where he spent five months.

After he got out of the reformatory, he headed back to the gym to earn money and while there, met Eddie Cocco who started his professional career. A couple of weeks later, Graziano was charged with a probation violation and sent back to reform school where he was charged with starting a minor When Graziano got out of jail he enlisted in the military but went AWOL after punching a captain.

Graziano fought three middleweight title bouts against Tony Zale.

In their first match (September 27, 1946), after flooring Graziano in the first round, Zale took a savage beating from him, and was on the verge of losing the fight by TKO.

Graziano was the son of Ida Scinto and Nicola Barbella.

Barbella, nicknamed Fighting Nick Bob, was a boxer with a brief fighting record.

Less than a minute later, Robinson knocked him out for the count with a right to the jaw.

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Arnold was a heavy favorite to defeat Graziano and then to go on to fight for the world title, but Graziano absorbed a beating in the early going, before going on to batter and knock Arnold out in the third round of the scheduled eight-round bout.He fought many of the best middleweights of the era including Sugar Ray Robinson.