Dating my former therapist ten commandments of dating ben young

14-Dec-2019 09:31

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. It may sound great to think you could be friends with your ex-therapist, but, in reality, the patient-therapist relationship (in long term therapy particularly) is not readily transferable to the real world.The relationship is completely changed if we become friends. This is especially true if the therapy worked out very well and the person truly benefited. It’s just not right to take that option away from that person. Pete, one of many personal philosophies that help to ensure a social interaction-free existence for him.This entry was posted on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008 at pm and is filed under QOTW.He commented on her pretty skin, she said he had nice shoes, dinner followed and, two six-packs of Corona Light later, they were in the sack. It’s also not because I’m an “asocial tool” or a paranoid freak like Dr. In fact, there are former clients that I would love to hang out with, good people who tell me amazing stories, who live incredible lives.After our professional relationship is over they’ll ask me to go out for a drink or a cup of coffee, completely platonic, and I always say no. I immediately think, what if this person ever needs to come back to treatment?

I could handle having a real-life relationship with my ex-therapist — or so I told myself when Josh suddenly called my office to talk about a referral and suggested a catch-up.I felt special, trusted, chosen — many of the things I’d yearned to feel with him when I was a patient.

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