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To find a cache, you’ll need to enter its coordinates in a handheld GPS Receiver or Smart Phone. Pick an affordable and easy-to-use geocache-specific GPS unit that your kids can use.Recently, I blogged Getting Trashed: The Dirty Truth About our National Parks and Sites.They can decorate pinecones with wiggly eyes and feathers, paint rocks, leaf and flower pressing, leaf rubbings with crayons, make birdhouses out of sticks and moss, etc. One of my Nature Craft Camping Activities that I enjoyed when I was a young Girl Scout was making bird feeders out of pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed.Your children can do this with sticks and small pieces of wood.When other kids see them, they’ll be envious of the cool camping experiences and quite possibly, will want to go camping with your family next time.This is another one of those camping activities that the littles can team up with the big guys.It’s about the unacceptable human-controlled epidemic that’s happening in our National Parks, State Parks and Campgrounds.This camping activity would be a great lesson in teaching your children about stewardship, conservation and volunteerism.

So, pack up the RV or Camper Van, drive to your nearest campground, set up your site and let the fun begin!!

This is also cool because it teaches kids about geography, land navigation, patience, attention to detail and will keep them busy. I recommend taking a trekking pole for the kids to poke into holes before reaching their hands into.

I also suggest having tiny trinkets to put into the geocaching containers.

Tiny Campers (ages 4-7): make a short list based on shorter attention spans.

For example, make up a checklist listing the following: Brown Acorn, Green Leaf, Yellow Flower, etc.This camping activity is fun in teams; whether with an adult or teen.