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17-Jul-2020 02:29

I found match or Pof pretty good mainly because socially I met people as well as dating. Off the dating scene for a bit but have been on OLD for the last 4 years until recently.Eharmony is rubbish, not enough choice, tinder is a meat market My mum is 67 and has been on plenty of fish for a while now.Had lots of views and two chaps sent emails but both not in my 'range' ie over 6ft tall!!Have clicked favourite on several people but none have replied.She's had two good boyfriends from it but they didn't work out for various reasons but shes still hopeful and has met some lovely people through it, many have just turned into platonic friendships.

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Especially in an introductory message Can I just say one of the best tips for internet dating is always make the first date a daytime coffee. Then you can always escape quickly and easily if they're not your thing! well dh and I met for a coffee and stayed until the coffee shop closed 4 hours later! I am a recently divorced 45 year old single mum and haven't been on a date for 24 years. I'm 47 and joined earlier this week after separation/divorce from 20 year marriage.Yes I'm sure people will come along and tell you how awful it is but I think it's just a huge site as it's free so you do get more weirdos simply because there are more people, but if you're ruthless and block and delete as necessary you'll be left with the good ones!