Dating a friend from childhood

22-Oct-2019 23:45

It began to unravel and, battle-weary from years of petty skirmishes and resentments, we let it go. Untold songs, films and childhood moments remind me of her, and I’m haunted by jokes only she would get, comments only she would make. But there’s no going back – we wanted different things from a friendship that wasn’t strong enough to provide them. To my childhood best friend, You’ve been in my life for as long as I can remember.

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is President” — when I learned of its truth two years ago. If life were a young adult novel, Rachel would have died of cancer, in the arms of her boyfriend (who also has cancer). Killed by Professor Plum with a lead pipe in the library. Pushed off a building by her twin sister.achel and I became avowed BFFs (Best Friends Forever) in third grade. We were a bit of an odd pairing, not quite different enough to be comical opposites (like ’s Cory and Shawn, whom we loved) but not an obvious duo either.

You were part of every precious memory of my childhood.

Whether we were shopping at the mall, hanging out by the pool, or taking trips to the beach, we were always together, and never bored. I know the family jokes, where you hide the good food so your dad won’t eat it all, and I have been to so many family get togethers I know all of your family, including the extended cousins who come in just for Christmas.

We can sit in silence and just enjoy each other’s company.

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We can talk for hours without being interrupted by the outside world.

We can fight like crazy and make up two seconds later. We have grown up together and, sometimes, we have disagreed.

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